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Clear Skin Expert & Master Esthetician

As a Master Aesthetician in Kaysville, Utah, I am passionate about skin care and take a holistic approach to finding solutions to skin problems. This passion comes from my own struggles with acne and my attempts to find answers for my own skin needs. I understand the frustrations that people feel about their skin and I am now honored to be a part of their success.

I love my job because I get to help people in a meaningful way—by looking their best and feeling good about themselves.

I’ve been an Aesthetician since 1997, and in that time, I’ve analyzed all types of skin problems and skin products. Through this analysis, I realized that most products were not aggressive enough or potent enough to tackle certain kinds of skin problems. I formed a relationship with several skin care manufacturers and laboratories. With their help, I developed my own formula for Crystal Skin Products.

My formulas utilize unique and proprietary ingredients in professional, natural-based, anti-aging, acne and lightening skin care formulations that produce the results needed for all different types of skin.

When I counsel clients on how to care for their skin, I’m also helping them care for their whole self.

My business isn’t just about solving acne problems. I also help people grow older gracefully by addressing aging and sun damaged skin. I love helping my clients feel younger and more beautiful through my range of services, from peels and oxygenation to waxing and tinting. I also help my clients get to the heart of their skin problems. Skin problems stem from many things, from what we eat, what products we use, our stress levels, hormones and even the weather.

I’d love to talk to you about your goals on looking and feeling better with healthier, clearer, softer skin.

Crystal Rigby

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