Can TCA chemical peels help
get rid of acne scars?

Can TCA chemical peels help get rid of
acne scars?

For many people, acne scars are a discouraging reminder of their adolescent struggles with breakouts and flare-ups. Not only that, but acne scars are a cosmetic nuisance and can often be difficult to conceal with makeup alone.

If you are looking for a solution for minimizing acne scars and achieving a smoother, clearer complexion overall, a TCA chemical peel may be right for you. At Crystal Skin Care in Kaysville, UT, master aesthetician and skin expert Crystal Rigby offers a wide range of chemical peel options, including the popular and versatile TCA peel, to help patients look and feel their best. Scroll down for more information on the benefits of a TCA chemical peel for reducing acne scars.

What causes acne scars? While almost everyone will experience acne at some point in their lives, not everyone will be left with scarring. Generally speaking, acne scars develop as the result of severe and/or long-term cases of acne. Additionally, picking at acne blemishes can lead to permanent scarring. Acne scarring often appears as areas of discoloration or sunken depressions on the face.

Chemical Peel Treatments | Kaysville Utah by Crystal Skin

How can I get rid of acne scars? Patients today are fortunate to have many options when it comes to improving the appearance of acne scars. One of the most popular solutions for acne scarring is a chemical peel and, more specifically, the TCA peel. What is a TCA chemical peel? The TCA chemical peel is an extremely versatile and beneficial skin rejuvenation option. In a TCA peel, the agent trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is used to remove one or more layers of skin – along with their respective imperfections,
such as: • Fine lines and wrinkles
• Enlarged pores
• Discoloration
• Hyperpigmentation
• Melasma
• Sun spots
• Age spots
• Acne scars
• Rough skin patches

TCA Chemical Peel Treatments | Kaysville Utah by Crystal Skin

How does a TCA peel work? The TCA chemical peel can be performed as a light, medium, or deep peel. Depending on the strength of the TCA peel being performed, some form of anesthetic may be used for comfort. Once the eyes, lips, nose, and other delicate areas have been protected, and the skin has been cleansed of makeup, oils, and debris, the TCA agent, will be applied and allowed to interact with the skin for the appropriate amount of time. Following treatment, patients can expect their skin to peel and flake away. This process can last up to a week or longer, so it is important to schedule your TCA chemical peel with that timeline in mind. Once the healing process is complete, patients will notice brighter, more even, healthier-looking skin.


What strength TCA peel should I get for acne scars? Following a thorough consultation and evaluation, Crystal will recommend a chemical peel strength that will be the safest and most effective for you. In general, a medium or strong chemical peel typically produces the best results when it comes to minimizing the appearance of acne scars, though this will depend on the severity and age of the scars, the patient’s skin type, and other factors. Since the TCA chemical peel is customizable, patients can rest assured they’ll receive a treatment tailored to meet their individual needs and goals. Self-conscious about your acne scars? Consider a TCA chemical peel in Kaysville, UT
Acne scars can be unsightly and inconvenient, but you don’t have to live with them forever. Tackle old acne scars by calling Crystal Skin Care in Kaysville, UT to schedule your consultation for a TCA chemical peel for acne scarring with owner and master aesthetician Crystal Rigby today.

TCA Chemical Peel Treatments | Kaysville Utah by Crystal Skin

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